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Images of America, North Ogden

Images of America, North Ogden

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Our 6½” x 9¼” paperback book containing 229 black and white photos of historical North Ogden is available now! The cover price is $21.99, but you can order them directly from us here at a discounted price.  Proceeds will directly benefit the North Ogden Historical Museum!

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The history of North Ogden is a combination of the people, the land and landmarks, the climate, and the resources. Throughout the years there have been many changes; however, there are also many constants. The sweeping vistas and beautiful mountain ranges, as well as the breathtaking sunsets, remain much the same as they appeared to the early settlers. Ben Lomond Peak has always risen like an invitation into the skyline, luring many hikers, past and present, to conquer its vistas. The early settlers encountered challenges beyond imagination while striving to achieve a better life for their families. This same pioneer spirit lives on in the citizens of today as many continue to strive for excellence in themselves and to prepare for future generations.

The members of the North Ogden Historical Museum would like to take readers on a journey through the past to the era of the early settlers and the first 100 years of North Ogden’s history. Our book is not a complete history, but contains a treasure trove of photographs, offering a glimpse into the past. The many accounts of courage, strength, and determination will have an impact on every reader. Several of these stories illustrate how much easier our lives are today. The dugout houses where families were raised, the premature death of loved ones, and the laborious tasks required for survival were not a deterrent to the valiant pioneers. The happy celebrations, social activities, and education continued in spite of the many challenges, and the economy thrived with bartering, business, and ingenuity. The North Ogden Historical Museum invites you to delve into a page from our town’s history to learn about and appreciate the great city of today.

Holly W. Fuller


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  • R. Gilbert Moore and Phyllis N. Moore says:

    As a couple who lived in North Ogden for 33 years and happily raised our family there, we are looking forward with pleasure to reading this fascinating-sounding history.