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Thank You

Many thanks to Alice Wyatt and Robert Montgomery for their generous donations. Thanks also to our members for their yearly renewals. Each of these donations help to make our museum a success!

Our thanks to the Weber County RAMP Program for funding the North Ogden Historical Museum’s display, “Landmarks from the Past.” The museum used the funds as a visual display depicting historical North Ogden landmarks, including the Red Brick School, the Smith/Ward home, the Edith Orth home, and the Hall Fruit Farm.

Utah Humanities CouncilWe would like to thank the Utah Humanities Council for awarding us a museum interpretation grant of $2000.00 to create an exhibit of “North Ogden’s Railroad History”.

We would like to thank the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, a division of the Utah Department of Community and Culture for awarding us a generous grant of $4,074.00. These funds were used to purchase a computer system and create a multi-page free standing storyboard display of North Ogden’s history.

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